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Compared with other stair lifts that are fixed in place and require preinstalled rails or staircase customization, Fabio mobile stair lift, founded on the principles of portability and flexibility, is lightweight and fast-folding. Caregivers can use it out-of-the-box to transport people between levels, quickly and easily.
Fabio mobile stair lift can be used both indoors and outdoors, and caters to those who cannot walk without help 鈥?either temporarily or long-term 鈥?and requires a caregiver to set up and maneuver it on stairs.
Type FBO-B-08 evacuation chair brings people great convenience and ensures their easy transport, security and comfort
1. Multifunction Design鈥?can be used as a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, mobility stair climber, stretcher, lifting devices and mobility scooter.
2. Adjustable footrest and armrest鈥?the armrest can be adjusted to the height of 90cm and can be stretched forward or turned up to 90掳, meeting riders' different needs.
3. A robust anti-slide tread for superior grippage when ascending or descending stairs.

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