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Road Rail Transporter is specially designed and manufactured for construction of ballastless railroad, mainly for transportation, laying and dismounting of tool track.
Main features
      Apart from the steering axles, drive axles, lifting axles, and steel wheels for railway driving all adopt the method of air suspension with excellent anti-shock performance, so as to make sure the loading platform keeps balance under the offset situation.
      By adjusting the height and air pressure of air springs for all supporting axles, the load can be reasonably distributed among different axles. Load distributed to rubber wheels and railway-travelling steel wheels could meet various working requirements with unload or full load.
      The specially-designed guide device for railway steel wheel, assisted with reasonable load distribution among axles, reduces abrasive wear of wheels and prevents derailing of wheel sets during railway driving.
      The drive system adopts the program consisting of diesel engine, hydraulic automatic gearbox, drive shaft and run-through driving axle, as well as the electric-control remote gear shifting which makes it easier to shift gears and reduces striking. There are two operator cabins for driving bi-directionally with four forward gears and reverse gears respectively.
Transportation, laying and dismounting of tool track during the construction of ballastless railroad;
Other lifting and transportation operations at construction site.Railway Transportation Equipment quotation

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